Rust treatment maintenance—Anyone use a pressure hand oil can to do seasonal spot treatment? (1 Viewer)

Sep 7, 2018
Queens NY
I have FluidFilm and NH Oil undercoating and use the usual canister with flexible spray tips and a compressor ahead of the winter months here in NY.

thinking of getting this because it’s a bit of a chore to get everything out again if I just want to hit some hard to reach areas in the engine bay.
Anyone use something like this? Depending on the temps I know this stuff can be viscous and it’s tough even to get the fluid into the canister. Nothing a little heat can’t fix.

Then you have to deal with the unused portion which I suppose you can just leave it stored.

In the past I’ve just used a cheap brush. Sometimes simpler is the best option.

Powerbuilt 648751 1 Pint Capacity Oil Can​

  1. Powerbuilt 648751 1 Pint Capacity Oil Can

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