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Feb 11, 2005
morristown nj
this past weekend, as i was installing my 1-1/2" shackle lift, i had the rear up on jacks, and the old shackles cut off, and in the scrap pile. After inserting the new bushings, i greases 'em up, and went to install the bolt.
long story short, shackle...1/2" hole....bolt....5/8 diam.
seeing i had no 5/8 hhs bit, and no way to get one, i sat back and thought. After i cooled down a bit, and a call to SOR to complain, i decided to use the time i had to finally scrape the rust off wherever i could under the truck. except for the crossbar that the spare is ( was) mounted to, it is in amazingly good condition.
scraped and pried, and coated the whole thing with thinned POR-15, applied with an insecticid sprayer. after a couple of hours, a second coat.
then the local machine shop delivered the 1/2" x 5/8" reamer, and two hours later I'M up and going.
the next day, i coated the whole shebang with sprayed on rustoleum protective enamal.
Thanks to the unseasonable weather for Nov. ( 70 degrees both days )I got all i wanted to get done, done on the cruiser for the up coming winter.
the rest is in the cruiser-god's hands.
now for the Iron Pig bumper....


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