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Nov 16, 2007
edmonton alberta
so the last few days my bj42 has been acting alittle strange. normally when i start it, i glow it for maybe 20 seconds before starting hold down glow switch after starting till it runs smoothly with out the glow.
for the last few days the glow works but the engine has small hiccups until it hits operating temp. when it's warm out (above 0C.) it doesn't happen.
something tells me this is symptomatic of something common.
anyone have any ideas?
i'm going to start by cleaning glow plug contacts and ohming them.
i wondered if it sounded like injectors...
i want to add as well, this is a very subtle thing, i would like to remedy it before it turned into a problem.
my glow plug have gotten a hell of a work-out this winter.
Jul 31, 2006
Mountain Home, Idaho
Interesting...I don't have a glow switch, but mine has afew hicups if I let it try and idle at start up. If I give it a little throttle and hold it there the hicups go away. This has been normal operation for me during the winter months. Once it warms up I don't have these issues. Has it been colder than usual lately? When was the last time you changed out the glow plugs? I am still fairly new to diesel as I have only had mine for a little less than 3 years, but mine always does what your saying, when it is cold.
Sep 3, 2007
Longmont, CO
Thats exactly what mine will do if I don't use the "after glow" switch. Ergo, I think at least one of your cylinders isn't getting glow after starting, or at all, and you probably have a bad plug or two. Easy.


Toyota's for life
Feb 5, 2009
Courtenay, vancouver island
not glow plugs

i have 4 brand new glowplugs and my truck, it still hick ups for the first 30 seconds and the runs like a dream with over 500,000kms on it. its a little annoying and sounds like a piece of s*** while starting up in the winter but starts every time. I'm not a deisel mechanic but i always thought it was a air leak somewhere in the plumbing after the the primer or injector pump but your guess is as good as mine? good luck. hope you find out your problem. if its an easy fix, let me know.
Dec 22, 2008
Edmonton AB
Could be one cylinder is getting a bit sad compression wise.
My HJ60 has exibited the same symptom ever since I have owned it. It has over 470K km's on it so I just dismissed it as a weak cylinder. I guess I should test it one of these days to confirm, but given the mileage on the old girl I figure it doesn't really owe me anything. I just get in an drive.

If I only had the mileage that you are talking about then it would be different. I would suggest checking the glow plugs first to rule them out followed by a compression test.
Feb 26, 2003
Vancouver, BC, Canada
I was having more or less the same issue recently. Got an 81 so no super glow system. Started to run like crap when first started until it ran for a few minutes, and extra glowing did not help like it used to. So for my first time I tested the plugs with a cheapo multimeter. Sure enough one plug had no continuity, I had a spare new one sitting around and put it in. Problem solved! I can't believe how well it runs now!
Good luck

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