runs like hell and smokes in the morning.

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Jul 12, 2007
Norcal, not on fire but it was darn close.
rough starting, gray smoke. as soon as I get down the road its just fine.
The darn EGR valve is capped off and I'm still attempting to get it removed/fixed. (classic stumbling)

Is this a sign the motor might never pass smog or its old/dying?
250K miles but I'm using it every other day mostly for fun.

Oil drips down after a few days then it burns up or is this a major sign?
My FJ40 did this but very very soon after that it quit after being in storage for 5 years.

my friend said its something about the choke and crappy cranky startups and the air flow things I mentioned needing to be fixed but its burning oil?

No preformance issues what so ever and the smoke clears up in a few minutes of warming up.

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