Running rich/fuelly smell

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Aug 24, 2021
Victoria, Australia
Hey guys,

Have a petrol V8 100 series here in Australia, it's always smelt very fuelly like a carby'd car and also gets in the cabin too, gives me a headache
Anyway catback exhaust was rusted out so replaced it but still happening, even when warmed up it stinks when idling

Here is what tech stream is showing? I have a 2000 model did they not have 02 sensors?? I can't see them anywhere, definitely doesn't have any post cat but can't even see pre-cat sensors
And can't see any data in techstream?

Hopefully someone can help

Catback exhaust
Coils and plugs
Fuel filter

Haven't cleaned MAF or throttle body but the MAF reading here seems within spec

Photo 17-1-22, 2 21 40 pm.jpg

Photo 17-1-22, 2 21 44 pm.jpg

Photo 17-1-22, 2 21 49 pm.jpg

Photo 17-1-22, 2 21 59 pm.jpg

Photo 31-1-22, 7 27 51 pm.jpg
Does it seem to be running OK other than the smell? I get that strong fuel smell when my fuel tank gets too warm and the fuel is boiling (happens at a lower temp than you would think). I only notice it on the very small number of days here where the ambient temperatures are over 115F (over 46C). Apparently the problem can be worsened by anything that causes the fuel returned to the tank to be warmed up more than normal - running too lean, engine too hot, exhaust leak near fuel line, poor heat shielding between fuel line and exhaust pipes, etc.

If your car has other performance issues, it may not be just fuel vapor escaping the tank and evap system.

No not experiencing any other issues. Have you used tech steam before? Is it normal to not have o2 values for a 2000 model?

i only get that smell at cold start before the engine and cats are up to temp
MAF should be around 4.7 g per second (your reading is not way too far off). Also the intake air seems to be too high 43C. I checked and it is about 28C max these days in Victoria correct?

The precat O2 sensor is on exhaust manifold. There should be a precat O2 sensor to control EFI. Even my 92 corolla has a pre O2 sensor on Manifold. Check for main wire harness wireplug. I see OXS2 and OXS1 check complete so has the system been bypass?

No not experiencing any other issues. Have you used tech steam before? Is it normal to not have o2 values for a 2000 model?

You should be able to see a few different O2 readings. Here is an example from my 1999.
Screenshot 2022-02-06 1.20.23 PM.png
I just had a similar issue before Christmas. I had a bad fuel injector o ring on passenger side fuel rail. (lh side looking at engine)

replaced all 8 original fuel injector o rings, fuel smell gone.

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