Running 5 point harnesses? Show me your setup!

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Apr 1, 2006
I'm ordering some camlok Simpson 5pt harnesses and I'm not sure what mount style to get? Floor, rollbar, etc. ?

My seats are BMW 3 series seats, if that helps any and a Metaltech Family cage will be used, along with Cumminscruiser's seat cradle system.

Pros and cons of different mount styles?

You'll have to wrap the harness around a crossbar level with your shoulders anyway, otherwise you'll risk compressing your spine in a collision. I prefer rollbar mount personally.

Camlocks aren't preferred for offroad as the dusty enviroment can possibly jam the mechanism. I've never had an issue with my Willans harnesses and dust but it's a possibility.
i would go with the 2 inch

i got the 3 inch kind and they are huge. i also have a metal tech cage mounted mine to the roll cage, i ran a 1 1/2 inch tube behind the front seats to mount the shoulder too can get pics later if you need etc..

5'9 165lbs dark handsome with a good sense of humor

sorry though im not available :(
6'4 230 pounds, the kind of big that comes from heaving around engines and transmissions all the time (heard it called farmer buff or something like that). Needless to say I'm not a small guy by any means. I need wide backs and wouldn't consider anything but a 3" harness for myself; the 2" Corbeau street 4 points a friend has just seem silly for me. Harnesses rarely bother me unless it's a two door coupe like a corvette or a trans am, usually have long enough arms to reach the dash without much torso movement :D.
5'10" 160 - Ranger sized, fighting lean and mean. 2" should be fine. Camcruiser we are the same size so I'm mounting to a bar behind my shoulders that's part of the cage. Got it. Where do I mount the submarine strap(s)?
The sub strap (also called a crotch strap) usually goes through a hole in the seat bottom or at the end of the seat if needed. Given it's a 3 series seat just put it at the end of the seat bottom.
Seats and Belts for sale

I am too big and for these little seats the PO had. Only the driver side installed. Any idea what there worth with seat belts? I plan on selling or trading them off. I need everything for a Power Steering setup on my 1972. Have not decided which way to go yet.
Jump Seat.jpg
Jump Seats.jpg
Seats are generic vinyl race seats from autozone or I believe even Jegs at least used to sell them. I've seen a pair go for 150 before, sometimes less, rarely more. The harnesses are Crow latch and link, depending on if they're still valid on the date tag they can be worth maybe 50 a piece on the high end and 10 to 20 a piece on the low end if they are expired. They're 86 a piece new.
Metaltech family cage, Mastercraft Rubicon seats, Crow 5pt 3inch padded harness. Wrap around mount on shoulder and submarine belt, eyelet and clip-on lap belt.

Sorry for the pic of the knuckle-head in this one, but it shows best how the harness fits.

I really like how the harness fits and is very comfortable offroad.

Con? I feel like a bit of a goofball/poser wearing all the race harness stuff on the street. :lol: Safe though.

Hope this help,
im not as big as that guy in the pic

i mounted my sub belt to the craddle

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