Running 31 on rear with 33 front in 2wd

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Apr 23, 2017
Sydney nsw
Hi All,
I’m currently running 33s all round as per below picture.
I have another 2 matching rims with almost new 31s.
Can I use these up on the rear of the 60 in 2wd?
If I don’t lock hubs or select 4wd will it cause any problems
Recently an aide at my workplace (I’m a nurse) had her two rears blow, she ran on the rims for about 100’ but kept saying how much better it felt than the rubber. She’s had lots of alignment/tire issues and I’ve spoken often to her about it. I strongly advised her to have the car thoroughly assessed. She took it in and they found it does have alignment adjustments in the rear (it’s a pretty new ‘15 Nissan suv) AND apparently the rear rubber were different size than the front. Maybe w/ our old trucks it’s not that big a deal but hers wore poorly and as a result both blew at the same time. Granted she is also somewhat clueless and not one to make frequent visual checks like you would...
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I wouldn’t do it. But if you’re determined, wouldn’t the 33’s on the rear 31’s on the front make more sense given the trucks current stance with the nose higher than the rear?

If it’s about saving money maybe try to buy two used 33’s or two used 31’s and make a set of 4 matching.
I was thinking rear as it also brings the gearing back to stock for driving in traffic
Would the nose up stance use more fuel?
I got the rims to mount a 33 spare but thought the tires were too good to waste.
If you are strictly in 2wd it won't per say do much, although it could effect handling negatively. Larger tires int he front may increase the castor angle.

It's not something I would chose to do unless backing into no choice (finances etc). I would try to sell the almost new tries or go to a matching 31 set.
Larger tires don't affect the caster angle, only different, longer, taller springs & shackles (especially longer shackles).

The difference in height between a 31" and 33" is only 1/2 of 2, so the rear would sag 1 inch.But if the 33s are worn & the 31s are new, the difference might be only 1/2". If you've got a slightly raised rear (stink bug) anyway, then the truck might be level or very slightly sag in the rear. No different than using all the same tires and loading up the cruiser.
Go for it. If you don't like it, no harm trying.

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