Run out on in T-case

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Apr 15, 2005
Noticed to day I have what looks like excessive run out
on the rear transfer case yoke, is this a common problem?

it also pops out of gear in low range when under a high load
It would be great to know how many miles. Yes I have seen a few output that need a bearing replaced. Is it a problem? It just wear and stress. Depends on lube changes and how high a lift you have. FSM describes the technique to fix it. For the rear you can leave the t-case in place. then rebuild the tail housing on the bench.

As for your next problem, I have not seen a t-case jump out of gear in low range yet. Have you tried removing the shift linkage and seeing if the shift rod(in side the case ) is not getting into the detent of the rod yet? if not I would try this first, if this is the problem then adjust the shift rods length. If this (shift rod adjustment) is not the problem, then it could be something in the housing, loose bearings(from wear), the shift collar/ syncro worn, etc. You would need to pull the t-case and tear it apart to see what is the problem and replace the parts (can get expencive) or replace it with a used/new one. later robbie

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