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May 15, 2007
friday harbor, washington
I was interested in buying these shackle hangers for doing a reversal on my landcruiser. Way Back Shackle Hanger [0690070] - $46.00

has anyone used these before? if so how far back from the axle center line the shackle pin should be? im using my factory springs and doing a spring over at the same time. any numbers would help im just looking for a starting point and i understand that every project is different. thanks
Do you want a tall SOA or are you trying to get as low as possible? Also, what do you plan to use for the front spring hanger? I ask, because they should work together. I don't see the utility of the 'ramp' when it will be placed behind the axle, and there will be a shackle bolted there. Only in a non-SR'd config would that be useful.
As far as how far back (or forward for that matter) you should measure the length of the spring along it's arch to find the length when totally flat. Use that number to go from center line.
The ramp will stiffen the bracket by a great deal...whether it goes forward and acts as a ramp or is under the spring. ...

As for the first question, the answer is yes but the use depends on your spring placement decision. You may decide to go through the frame for a nice low ride or go under like the stock.

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