Rubicon July 17th to 21st

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Dec 6, 2007
GOLD Country, CA
What up NorCal!

My friends from SoCal and I are planning on hitting the rubicon on the dates above. This will be our first time ever hitting the rubicon and we would like to open the invitation for anyone in this region. The group will be mostly well equipped 80s, if not all.

Don't know what its going to be like this time of the year, so any info would be greatly appreciated. I heard its going to be crowded this month, but hopefully not too bad since we're heading up on the weekday.
The rubicon is always going to be crowded. If that is a weekend, you can count on catching a traffic jam somewhere along the trail.

One thing to keep in mind, it will be hot. Bring plenty of drinking water, and water for the trucks too.

There is are spots to camp all along the trail, but if you have 3 or more rigs, you will want to camp at Buck Island. Or there might be room at the little sluice, but the Rubicon Springs is private and costs $$ to camp in. And thats a good chunk of the trail. There's a great lookout at the top of Cadillac hill to camp a few rigs, but thats pretty much the end of the trail, and then iits just a few miles to Lake Tahoe.

I hear they just did alot of work in a few sections of the trail. So it should be in real good condition and alot of fun!

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