rubbing noise when turning right

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Nov 12, 2006
Bird Rock, CA
Hey guys,

I had my radio off and window down to day and noticed a rubbing noise from what I think is the left front tire area. I don’t think it is a tire. It sounds like when you run a spoon around the inside of a pot. It is a steady metallic rub.....

A little background on my rig:

  1. It is a '00 model.
  2. I have all rotors and brakes changed in the past 2 years.
  3. Last summer I had a drunk driver hit me while my car was parked. The front drivers side wheel took most of the hit. My tire was curbed with the front out and the drunk driver hit that first then tore up the front quarter panel, bumper, etc. then hit the car parked in front of me. It broke the steering rod on that tire and some other stuff. I had all of it fixed by a very reputable auto body shop.
  4. I had an OME medium duty lift put on about three months after the wreck and went to 295/75r/16's.
It does not make the noise when I turn left... but when I start turning the back to straighten it will make the noise. It is def louder when I turn right. There is no noise when I drive forward or in reverse. And there is no noise when I apply the breaks that is why I don’t think it is the breaks. I did crank the wheel hard both ways and look in the wheel well on both sides and didn’t see any signs of rubbing. And it doesn’t make any sounds when turning the wheel when stationary. It only makes the noise while moving.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.
Liam posted something about the inner tire weights rubbing on the dust shield right behind the caliper.
Thanks 2000! I will look into that.
Well, I looked and looked and looked..... Could see any signs of rubbing. So, I toook it to my local shop and had them look. It was a royal PIA... but they finally found the problem.

Apparently the shop the repaired my cruiser last summer didnt do everything correctly and or missed part of the repair. The bracket that holds the rack & pinion is bent about 30 degrees from normal still and needs to be replaced. All the bushings are shot, the outer tie rod is worn, the front wheel hub bearing is loose, the frame may still be bent, the rack & pinion is loose.... yada, yada.... Basically at least $2500 in repairs that need to be made. Gotta love it!

I have already talked with my insurance and now I need to take it back to the shop that did the repairs and see if they are going to make it right.

I am thinking about asking them to install a front locker while at it... since they will be working on that area. Is there anything else I should be thinking of for this area?

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