Rubbing issues: Rock Warriors, 285/70 KO2s, SpiderTrax spacers

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Jul 29, 2008
Seattle, WA
Just got the C-rated KO2s on this setup after having run 17" 255/80s KM2s for a long time and I've got contact issues with the fender well liners with even mild compression. Like pulling into my driveway at mild speed and hitting the rain gutter dip kind of mild. Worried that under full compression that I'll also run into the pinch weld rubbing issue as well.

I wanted a more compliant and lighter tire for all the reasons @TLC Dan states here plus a quieter running tire with better tread life than KM2s. These are intended for on-road/towing a small camper and light duty offroad use like fire service roads etc. I've still got the unmounted KM2's for wheeling/winter use.

This is with a full lift, ICON shocks, aftermarket UCAs etc. Curious if anyone else is running a similar setup and has encountered this, and what you did to correct?

I don't think I can ditch the spacers with the Rock Warrior offset and my only other rims are stock 16" LC rims. It seems my options are:
  1. Try replacing front 1.25" Slee spacers w/1" Bora spacers
  2. Buy another set of tires w/less section width in 17" diameter and keep running the RWs
  3. Try to find 17" wheels with stock offset (LX470 wheels?) and lose the spacers
  4. Get 16" KO2s and run the stock rims losing the lighter, more forgiving & road oriented C-rated tires since the 16" 285/75s aren't available in that rating
  5. Grit my teeth, tear up the liners and maybe take a BFH to the pinch welds
Any other options I'm missing or suggestions/personal experience regarding the above is appreciated.
Option #5 is quick and easy. Do it right and you will never have to worry about rubbing again.
x2 for above post. I am running 295/70/17's with my RW's and all I did was trim the part of the fender liner that sticks out at the rear of the tire ( then coated the exposed metal with a rubberized spray)and haven't had any issues with rubbing. I am running different tires, NITTO Terra Grappler G2's.

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