Rubber Seals around windows

Aug 24, 2003
So I am reupholstering my 74 FJ55- it is going to look so much better! But I get a call from the reupholsterer and he says that he can't do the headliner because he needs to get the take out the rubber seals around the windshield and the back rear side windows. Not a problem usually, but the existing weatherstripping is so dry and crusty that he will never be able to replace it.

So I have looked on the internet and I have found windshield seals but no seals for the rear side windows. Apparently these seals are discontinued. Man, what do I do? Are there any other options? I gotta replace the headliner- it is horrible.
Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA

this is the only place that I know of that has the fj55 weatherstriping. I know a few guys have ordered stuff from them and were happy.

JC Whitney might have some generic stuff that works.

John H
Apr 20, 2003
Try specter offroad or ccot.
Jun 13, 2003
Try a couple to things. GO to a dealer and see if you can talk him into looking up the stuff and confirming that it is out of stock. Just because it is not produced does not mean it is not out there. On the early, single side window 40 roofs the rubber is disct for the big window. Turns out the seal is the exact same as the WS seal just a bit shorter. I would bet there is another rubber that will serve the purpose if you look around a while. A good trim shop should be able to find an aftm part that will work.

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