Rubber engine compartment shock covers, wiper motor

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May 31, 2019
First post, '77 FJ40. I'm looking to make the rubber shock covers that bolt to the engine compartment around the top of the shock towers, they are parts 405 and 406 on this pic. I have tried searching the forums, and can't find anything (maybe I'm using the wrong wording for them?), Anyways, what have people used for material and does anyone have a pattern?

Also, anyone know of a service to have my wiper motor rebuilt?


Welcome to MUD! You've come to the right place for info.

For the EPC on your '77 -> click here <-

Oh, post up some pics of your rig when you get the chance.
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Damn - that $95 plus handling and shipping. If the rubber cover is OK and all you need are the retainers you can make them yourself from some scrap 14 ga - do you have the originals to use as a template?
I don't have either the rubber or the retainers. Didn't think the price was too awful for the five parts, but I bet S&H will be a ton.

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