RTH: Reseating inner axle seal ring

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Nov 5, 2008
Bozeman, MT
Noticed that the ring on the inner axle seal has come apart when I am doing my axle job. Should have ordered another seal so I could put a new one on and not worry, but is there a way to reseat the ring that comes with the oil seal? I tried searching to no avail. Thanks
you mean spring which seats instide the seal, kind of behind the lip?
the same happened to me, I tried multiple times to reseat it to no avil, but managed in the proces to slice my fingers numbers of time, so careful there.
I had to use new seal.
Yea that spring. I had hoped to avoid getting a new seal. Should have bought 3-4
if I could reset it without distoring or stretchiung it I would not hesitate to use it...but even four hands did not help
I agree. Get the Marlin Seals. They are fool proof. I wouldn't try to re-use the seal once the spring has come out. It can be done but that is an inexpensive part that can cause you many headaches and much more money if it does not seal.

Whatever you decide, before you install the seal, fill the cavity around the spring with grease. I used the Mobil Synthetic that I use for my wheel bearings. The grease will help hold the spring in place. There are many threads on here about this and more detail about it that has been posted in the last 5 months. Allot of them are mine cause I had the same problem back in December.

Good Luck.....

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