RTH: removing dash control panel

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Nov 10, 2011
Nampa, Idaho
I'm trying to remove the dash panel to check my a/c but I'm not sure how to get it out without it breaking. I remove the 7 screws but is there anything else?

Reach in the ash tray pocket and pull out the bottom of the trim first. Then kinda pull in a downward motion. There is a "lip" that holds in the trim. It's gonna be joined by all the connectors. But it will come off.
Two screws inside the ash tray slot
Its really a pain in the butt...

Per my manual,
-Remove Steering Wheel and Column Cover
-Remove #2 and #3 Air Ducts
-Remove Throttle Cable Hood Lock Release, and Fuel Lid Opener
-Remove Instrument Cluster Finish Center Panel (pull the knobs off the vent selectors, then the 5 screws around your vent selectors)
-Remove Instrument Cluster Panel (I think the 7 screws you already pulled out)

Then, you remove the radio, clove box, EFI, #1, 3, and 4 air ducts, then the dash, then FINALLY pull the heater control panel. Like I said, ridiculous. PM me if you want me to copy and email you the pages from my manual. It has pictures!

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