RTH Please: nick on the inner lip behind the crank shaft seal

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Jun 3, 2011
Houston, TX
hey folks. been lurking and reading for a week ... bought a white locked 94 last friday with 178k on the clock. I am starting to do baselining and PM on it as it will be my DD.

Did the teardown last night and replaced the oil cover gasket this morning. bought the toyota fipg based on recommendations here but quickly became intimidated by the 5 min work time given the cramped quarters and my inexperience. Replaced the philips head screws with allen heads and called it done.

On to the crank seal .... Taped up my screwdriver real good and went at it. Once I got my screwdrive well positioned it actually popped out pretty easy. Seems that I may have hooked it behind the inner lip and nicked it. Given that there is a big gap about 6:30 I'm not too worried about it. Should I be OK if I just smooth it out with a file? Should I get it to break free so it doesn't break loose and take a spin through the lower end?


Thanks for any input.

Now if I could just find a torque wrench to rent that gets to 304 .. you'd think that would be easy in one of the top 4 largest cities in the nation but apparently not.

Looks ok. Deburr it with a file after stuffing a rag around the crank snout.Pull out the rag and most of the metal should come with it. Use a 250lb torque wrench and turn an extra 25 degrees for good measure.

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