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Jul 31, 2006
Wife is away on a trip and manages to catch the drivers mirror on a concrete pillar in a parking garage.

She wanted to fix it on her own without telling me about the "issue", but finally fessed up since I'm flying to pick her and the family up and drive them back home this Friday.

Anyway, all she can tell me is that the glass is broken and that the housing appears O.K. She found a black mirror where she is at, but I don't remember the configuration of the mirror.

Can I swap out the black housing for my white one or are they an integrated unit.

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I beleive the mirror and housing are seperate. You may be able to order or find a used mirror and swap the mirror part out.
Just order a new mirror glass... easy to swap out but be careful they tend to break easily.

Whole mirror housing can be taken apart but I would not recommend it.

I swapped the oem housing with the complete indicator/puddle light ones. Had to drill 5 of the 6 screws out (they had a load of lock tight on them and are located under the mirrorhousing), broke one mirror glass, had to cut of the powerplug because they won't fit through the hole of the triangle mount that is attached to the mirror. Also had to find out the hard way there is one little screw behind the motor to get the complete unit out of the housing.

Final result looks very nice but a %$$#% job to do.
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I take RTH (Real Time Help) to mean I'm stranded somewhere or elbow deep in a knuckle and need some info pronto. But a broken mirror?

Although I could take my wife damaging the truck as some kind of emergency.
It is when she had less than 4 hours to pick it in Oregon (where she was at) before driving back to Colorado.

Does that still count in your book?


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