RTH: MAINT REQD solid (no prior flash) after fill up - Next day no start

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Jan 31, 2018
07LX, 125k

Last night I got gas at a station as I was passing through a small town. It was supposed to be ethanol free so I decided to stop there instead of at a more mainstream station. Tank was almost empty.

Shortly after my MAINT REQD light came on solid. I only know this light for oil change warning, so wasn't too concerned except now I realize it lit solid and never flashed for a while like normal. Drove for about 25 miles home without noticing anything. The gas may have had nothing to do with it, but I wanted to mention it.

Anyway just now I started it for the first time today and ran an errand. Again, no issue other than the light. But when I got back in to start it, it cranks hard but no fire. Twice it barely tried to start, but mostly nothing at all. I got a ride home. Darn.

I'm going to relax a bit then take my techstream laptop to where it's stranded. Any thoughts?
clogged fuel filter? remove it and inspect by tapping the inlet of filter on some soft wood. Install an oem filter.
Gas cap is new within about 10k miles, and I did remove and replace it to make sure it's seated properly.

Could possibly be a clogged fuel filter. I wish the truck was in a better location (aka my garage) instead of a random parking lot out in the bad weather. I do have a spare I can try.

Regarding the maint reqd light, I was able to turn it off with the normal procedure. No one else who drove it remembered it blinking at start up, but maybe it was missed somehow. I'm curious if there is ever any other reason it would come on, or change from blink to steady in fewer miles than normal (500mi, I think). It's just sticking with me because it seemed like an odd coincidence.
I added some iso-HEET water remover and let it sit a while. No luck with that.

Techstream showed nothing wrong at all.
Update: There's no fuel getting to the filter. I swapped the EFI relay with the one in my 98. No dice. Checked the fuel pump relay and it's good. Same with the EFI fuse.

I'm assuming fuel pump, unless anyone else knows of other possibilities.
check for power at the fuel pump, if you have power and ground than pumps no good. you can also check resistance and try to power the pump on

Screenshot (34).png
Thanks for supplying the test procedure. I removed my rear seats and will check it out tomorrow before going ahead with an order for a new pump.

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