RTH low pressure power steering hose

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Aug 14, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
Seem to have a dumb problem here, but I just can’t seem to force this hose any further past the barb on the hardline.


I think it’s a little tight due to being @NLXTACY ’s kit which is imperial not metric, but I have been able to get those to fit before with some muscle.

Is there some trick anyone can share? I lubricated the hose and the hard line with ATF but I just can’t get it to seat more than 1/2” or so. Don’t have a great grip on it, access is awkward from above and below. Any ideas or tips welcome.

You are #6 that this is happened to. I can’t contribute it to the hose only because it comes off of 500’ spools of hose that I have here at the shop. MANY kits have been installed. 100s of kits now.

But yes some have reported issues Getting it on. I have yet to experience it and I have 3 80s here right now that this same hose was replaced. It wasn’t a simple slip fit but it did go on. Oiling the hose and the nipple did it each time.
Heat the hose in boiling water. Add Sil-Glyde (or any decent lubricant you have laying around the house!!!!!) to the pipe.

Push til the get the tip in then drive it home.
Thanks @rolliges I never would have thought of that! Was going the other way, thinking of hitting up the dry ice place down the street and wrapping the hard line...like your idea way better
Heated my braided lines with a heat gun AND had a tapered punch jammed in the end to help expand it shortly before putting it on my hard line. Took some muscle still...but went on all the way.

PS res3.jpg
PS hoses2.jpg
I heated mine with space heater and jammed a 3/8 drive extension in it. oiled it and after much struggle was successful.
Ok, FWIW I just couldn’t get this into place. Tried several attempts including this idea.

Finally gave up, went to Autozone and got some generic 3/8” power steering hose. This worked out well. The Wits’ End hoses seem better made (I like the sleeving) but oh well. The larger diameter hose from the reservoir down towards the box went in fine.


Here’s a diameter comparison of the three (Wits’ End—generic 3/8 ps hose—OEM)


This is the hose I got. Tomorrow I’ll refill the reservoir and see if I have any leaks. Thanks for the suggestions all.
It's crazy, but 3/8" isn't always 3/8" and 1/2" isn't always 1/2". I found that the hose pliers work well in getting leverage to wiggle the hoses on.

When I replaced the hard heater lines under the truck, I got 1/2" Gates Premium Firewall Hose which is 12.7mm ID. I could not get that bastard on, no matter how hard I tried. I then got the 1/2" Flexfab Silicone heater hose which is actually 13.0mm ID. Those 0.3mm made all the difference in the world.
I haven't used Joey's hose, but I have experienced this issue with other hose on this job and others. I sometimes shove (closed) needle nose pliers into the hose end as far as I can and then open them as much as possible, to stretch it out a bit. I prefer to use long-reach pliers, for the extra leverage. I have also used a heat gun to focus heat on the hose end, rather than heating the entire hose and making the entire length overly flexible. These methods are sometimes combined.

However, my favorite method is to replace the hose with something that fits better. Makes it much easier down the road. I agree that bulk hose likely isn't as consistent in size as one would hope.

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