RTH front end noise 1000 miles from home

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Jul 21, 2010
I am 1000 miles from home and currently in Colorado. front pass side wheel starting make faint chirrping noise and now way worse it only does it under load. I have a 92 wit center diff lock button. Would it work to take front drive shaft out and lock diff in high range and drive home or do I need the 7 pin mod? would hurt anything to drive that far with it locked? any info would help and I greased and lubed everything on the front end before I left, anything helps...thanks oh yeah and no ujoint play in front or rear check b4 left and rechecked no ujoint slop
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you won't need 7-pin mod to drive in 4H
i would open it and look at the bearings, or find a shop to do it. while it's still mobile, melt a wheel bearing and two trucks couldn't haul all the fun you'll be having.
Some shots in the dark:

Loose wheel bearings - parked on level surface, hands on top of frt tire, try to rock vehicle left/right.

Dry birfield bushing - open square plug on knuckle, check grease depth, knuckle should be 3/4 full.

Would it be possible to elaborate on the symptoms? Sloppy handling, noise changes with left/right turns, etc.
What part of Colorado?

There are many Mud members that I'm sure would be able to help a fellow Mud member.
I greased birfs b4 leaving they are nice and lube, since post I hav been takin it apart but have ran out of light. Its lookin like wheel bearing will find out in the morning for sure I'm currently located near grant colorado, where is best place to get parts round here especially on sundays back home it all usually has to be ordered for me. I do hav most the tools to do the job I hope but mainly need parts lookin like any help is appreciated
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NAPA, O'Reilly or Autozone should have seals & wheel bearings in stock or next-day from their warehouse.
if only the best will do: Slee is outside Denver
Ok so replace front wheel berring still had noise finally ran it down to the rear u joint the only prob now is I needa vise and a couple ball peens is ther anyone in the grant colorado area that could be of some help I can get a ride a little ways. Any help would b great.thanks
Rather than pull the rear driveshaft I'd prolly just drive it as-is. Or fix it at any driveline shop before heading home.

When I'm on a road trip I'd rather not spin wrenches if I can help it.
Grant is between Bailey and Fairplay.

You could probably shoot some grease in the joint and run it to BV, or back to Denver. Irbis is in Castle Rock south of Denver on I25, or keep going towards Buena Vista and then on down to Salida to the land cruiser graveyard and score a used shaft to get you home.

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