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Dec 20, 2013
Nemo to Pozo and back to Wyarno
So, driving down the hwy this morn minding my own biz and suddenly belching steam and getting hot.
Pull over and find the little aux heater hose off the back of the head is ruptured.
Now, after risking life and limb to get it replaced I am struggling with a massive air lock in the system. I've got both heaters going (no heat), but can only run a moment before she starts creeping toward hot.
Like I said, in a bad spot and sitting along the freeway is not helpful to the usual tricks like elevating the front end. I don't have one if those nifty radiator funnels and and scared to drive any distance.

Anybody have a helpful suggestion to get my cruiser home?
P.S. I have to get it up a 1500 ft. grade in addition to the 20 some odd miles I am from home.
Dunno if you are still stranded... But, did you refill and run the engine with fill cap off for awhile, adding water / antifreeze as it burps, can be done without the funnel.?
Ya managed to slowly fill/heat/burp and got it filled. HG seems ok but engine not happy sounding. These things are tough for sure but feels like I just took considerable life off that 2F. My temp gauge never went above 2/3, but usually sits around 1/4 fully warm, so ? Could be the gauge is just that inaccurate and it did overheat. Not sure, but at this point it's home and I didn't have to tap into my roadside assist quota.
Thanks for the feedback, now I think I will spend some quality internet time researching vortec swaps. Bleh
Really depends on hoe much coolant you lost and how long you were running like that. Other thing you can do is white she is running and heating up you can manually squeeze the top heater hose to help push fluid through. While not the best it definitely doe help to force those bubbles out.
Do a compression test and watch for bubbles in the overflow tank (and highly pressurized hoses) before you write off the engine.

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