Wanted RS3000 wiring harness for Land Cruiser

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this makes me laugh as all i want to do is remove my effing factory alarm!!!! i have a 96, not sure if its the RS3000 or not. i pulled a factory alarm from a 93… have that on a shelf ( everything except the dash light ) but again, i don’t know if its an RS3000….in either case i don’t have any fobs maybe thats why i hate it so much!
I have 3 fobs and no alarm. I bought an LX450 wiring harness and alarm from a guy here on mud but it doesn't match up to my 95 land cruiser

Looking to just get the wiring harness so I can get my remote entry back. If yours still has the factory alarm and it's a 96 then it will be the RS3000 unit and wiring. It's not a huge pain to remove. Maybe 2 hours
let me investigate….. peel back some carpet and pull a panel or two and see what i can uncover. obviosly someone may have the harness already out, but if in no rush i can poke the bear sometime in the next few days….
I may have the harness from a 97 lx450

Is it a sub harness that plugs in to dash?
I appreciate that @ccslider but I already have one from an lx450 and it's not compatible, or at least the one that I have isn't compatible.

The harness I'm looking for has 3 sets of matching male and female connectors (all 3 don't match each other, but each has a matching partner male and female). There are also other connectors on it, but it's identifying feature is the 3 matching connectors.

The lx450 harness I have only has 1 matching male and female connector that fits near the kick plate. If you have a pic of the harness that would be a great help
I have this one from a lx450.. I accidentally cut one plug but it's like 5 wires
Yep, that's the one that I have right now. I *WISH* it was compatible. My next step is to just make it work and find the right wires and splice it in.

Thanks for taking the time to take photos @ccslider
Still interested in a RS3000 wiring harness from an FZJ80. I haven't had the time to figure out how to splice in a LX450 RS3000 harness (which I own) to the FZJ80.

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