Rpm NOT coming up with AC

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Dec 24, 2012
Chatham NJ
Just tried it this evening figuring before it got really hot..well hit the good old AC button but nothing..no change in rpm no cool air..parked it and I can physically spin the front most part of the compressor. Any ideas? This was my luxury compared to the 55! Everyone have a great memorial weekend!
Belt seems tight. I’m going to assume it has Freon in it. But I will plug in a gauge and check. Also no overheating of truck temp was at 190
You can run a lead directly from the battery to see if the clutch engages. If it does it could be a wiring issue from dash to ac compressor. Low Freon could also be the cause.
I don't know about the 80 but most vehicles have a low pressure switch on the AC system that won't allow the compressor to start if the freon is low. Like others have said start by checking the freon
Out of gas thanks guys did not know it has a low pressure switch!

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