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Jun 19, 2003
Nowhere Nebraska
The PO had a guy do a lift on my fj, he says they are fj60 springs. It rides real rough, I can clear 33's if not 35's right now, though I'm still running the 235's. They are a 6 leaf pack with what I think is the "millitary wrap," top two leaves are wrapped around the shackle bolt, plus it has extended shackles, 5-1/4" in. bolt center to bolt center on shackle. I'm sure it don't help the it still has OEM shocks that are acting as droop stops on level ground, but I test drove a piece of S*** '78 in MO that had a 4" add-a-leaf that was 1/2" thick shoved into the middle of the factory spring pack with 33's and it road alot smoother than this. I'm ready to yank a couple leaves, so I guess the question is...out of the 6, which should I pull out. There is a perfect "stagger" on all six leaves. Thanks before hand.
I know that this may not be much help, but my 60 rides really, really rough. Far as I know, the springs are stock.

go for new sprnings, or stock springs for a 40, if the ride is that much better. you'll be under there tearing everything apart anyway, may as well get proven results - who knows what you'll get modifying 60 leaf springs.
Is the vehicle "topped out" against the stock shocks? If so the springs aren't your problem. The shocks are. They are holding the spring in a preloaded state and not allowing a complete stroke through the suspensions full range of travel. You've already stated that the shocks are too short so replace them first.
don't want to hijack a thread, but how do those 60 springs fit under there? i'm looking into this conversion, and just wondering if the spring hanger was moved forward, or the driveshaft lengthened?
Two things, first Hammerhead is right about the shocks not allowing springs to flex properly, second, 60 series springs were designed for a much heavier rig than a 40. Hence, the stiffness.
Personally i'd pull the smallest, bottom spring. it's probably an overload spring, made to keep the spring flat even under extreme loads.
Sorry, but I can't really tell you how different this is compared to stock, but I do know that the spring hangars haven't been moved. I pulled the front shocks yesterday and took it for a quick run around town, and even though there was quite a bit of bounce (no shocks) it did soften up a little bit. I have some other things to do first, but when I can get to it I'm scrapping the springs on it now. Get a OME or softride setup.

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