Rough ride with oem load d KO2s

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Jun 14, 2010
Flooded timber of Arkansas
This pertains to my 2000 lc:

So around 200,000 miles i got some ko2’s in oem size and load range D. Around that same time i replaced oem shocks with oem shocks. I have tried many different tire pressures but i still have a mule wagon when it comes to ride comfort.

The roads in Little Rock have more potholes than we can count but i really think there is an underlying part that is to blame.

What are some parts that could have worn out that would lead to this jarring ride?

Would my rear coil springs be worn out at 220,000 miles and could they alone be the source of the uncomfort?

have you looked into replacing ball joints and bushings? I have KO2s, and before I replaced ball joints/bushings. The tires made a world a difference between the worn ones that were on the car when I bought it to the new one. But after I replaced, all the bushings and the ball joints. It rode even better.
I have almost 250k miles and when I put on KO2s with E load rating with brand new OEM shocks the ride was completely unacceptable :bang:

Replacing all 4 front ball joints improved somewhat, Replacing all 4 rear control arms made a world of difference. I still feel the expansion joints a little bit but it is much cushier now. Just my 0.02c
100% your choice of incorrect load rating tires for your application.
D load rating would be ideal IMO for these trucks. What tire pressure's have you tried?
Everywhere from 32 to 45
Currently at 37 front 40 rear
There is no short answer to this. Everything from upper and lower ball joints being excessively worn/out of tolerance, upper and lower control arm bushings also.

For example on my last set of 275/70r18 bfg ko2's- which are load range E, I religiously maintained the tire pressure of 34psi front/36 psi rear. When they were replaced under warranty with approximately 30k miles and two and a half years of use, tread wear was 10/32 in the center and 11/32 on the shoulders of all four tires.

To find your ideal pressure and get the most out of your new tires, I would recommend doing what is called a tire pressure chalk test. I'm guessing to get the best ride, and tread life out of them you will probably drop down about 5psi from where your at now.

Now if you call bfg, they will tell you anywhere from 10 to 20 psi more than you already have, ride will be significantly worse and tread life will be significantly reduced because they will be over inflated for the weight of your vehicle. Note, anytime you add a significant amount of weight or tow with it, you'll have to adjust pressure accordingly.

As mentioned in previous post, if the rest of your suspension is not up to spec, something somewhere will sacrifice.

In short, unless you go back to a B load rating or lower, your truck, will now ride like a truck with D or higher load rating.
I run load range E (that was the only avail tire on Toyo AT2 295). Completely rebuilt suspension and it rides a bit rough. That is the nature of the heavily built tires (I wanted the tough tires for weekend desert usage)

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