Apr 24, 2003
PM me with what truck your doing, and what week you want to take,

First week will start monday the 11th july, unless no one volunteers for it

once i start getting a few pm's i'll start posting up the dates people have taken

if there is a conflicting date i'll contact both parties and try to sort it out.


pm me if you got better ideas too :) :beer:

Basically it's like the 80 section thread, where one person posts an overview thread about their rig, we sticky it at the top and you can ask questions of the owner

if your making one, throw in some pics (if your struggling against your pic limit you can always buy a star :) ) and if you got a good thread about one of your mods, dig it up and link to it from the ROTW thread :beer:
Apr 24, 2003
oh as much as i hate to quote junk

here is what he said in the 80 section, so this is an idea of what we're doing

Please sign up now folks.

We talked about this once before, but no one stepped forward to volunteer their truck.

The idea here is to weekly have a member post up pics of their truck, with list of modifications and/or any special goodies. Also hopefully they will include the intended purpose of their truck (expedition, street, rock crawler etc).

Most of the headline mods will likely have been discussed before, but what I'd like to happen is have folks ask their questions by starting a new thread.

Koffer posts up his rig as ROTW, and someone has a question about his navigation system - they would start a new thread titled "Koffer - navigation system". We can then later go back and add links to all the question threads in the original ROTW post.

Does this make sense? We will also keep a thread titled ROTW and sticky it, so that at any point folks can quickly get to whatever vehicle they want.

Hope this works. It depends on folks stepping forward. So here we go.
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