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May 8, 2005
Terre Haute, IN
Well where to start, hmm... Ok pop open this beer and go from there.

I bought my first cruiser (91 80 series) last year and hooked up with the Hoosier Cruisers. I wheeled the 80 all of last year and decided I really wanted a 40. The 80 is my daily driver and it's huge on Indiana's wooded trails. Tax time came this year and I had enough refund to get me the 40 I had been wanting. Somehow I was lucky enough to talk the :princess: into letting me spend the money (I'm sure I'll pay for it). At our annual tech session in January I was told of a 76 for sale that was set up pretty nice and the price was in my range. Along came the check and I gave Andy a call, he still had the Cruiser so I went and took a look at it and drove it home.

I drove home a SOA plus 2 inches of body lift 40 that day and now I can't hardly keep myself out of it. It drives very good it has factory gears which I believe would be 3.73's. It also gets better gas mileage than my 80 does. Although there isn't a whole lot of things for me to mod on it, maybe you all will make me think of a few, I tinker on it whenever I get a chance.

What's been done to it prior to me buying it.

2 inches of body lift
4 wheel disc brakes
York compressor with holding tank
High torque mini starter
Front cage
Home made version of a tera flex revolver shackle on the back
Home made rear traction bar
Power steering
Rancho RS9000 shocks 9012 size
Warn lock outs on front
35x12.50 BFG Mud terrains
15x10 white wagon wheels
Hand throttle
Tach (not working)
Extremely cheesy sliders
Diamond plate rockers, steps, tailgate (not on the ambulance doors), and rear corners.
Custom trail damage to the front fenders
Lock Rite's front and rear
Racing buckets
Swing out tire and 2 jerry can carrier
Bikini top
Soft full and half doors
Hard top and doors with ambulance doors in back
Front bumper made of 1/4" steel
Header with 2 1/2" exhaust
Under hood auxillary fuse block
Hook ups for dual batteries (does not have two batteries in it)
It also had a old Ramsey 8,000# winch on the front, the kind that used a starter to work it, which I took off and traded for a ton or 2 of parts.

What have I done to it.

Replaced the tach
Cleaned up the driving lights, and made them work
Straightened up the fenders a little
Drove it
Flipped the bezel right side up

What have I got planned to do.

Cut off the chessy sliders and make a set out of the 2x2 3/16 I have in the garage
Put on another winch, I will probably get one of those cheap 10,000# harbor freight units for now
Get a new set of tires and rims, a friend of mine is suspossed to be bringing me a set of Pro Comp Mud terrains on 2" back spacing rims
Do all the body work and repaint it, I'm not telling the exact color but it will be blue
Buy a soft top
Replace the fender mounted turn signals with a set mounted on the fender apron
Look at the wiper motor to see why it does'nt work on high
Mess with the parking brake
Get a metal tech full profile cage (I'd like to take my son along maybe next year he's 20 months old) and a nose guard with stinger
Fuel inject it
Get a lock for the drivers side hard door
Hook up the dual batteries
Wheel the snot out of it

Ok enough talk here's some pics these are the the day I first looked at it.
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Here is the parts I got for the winch. Note the box with the wiring harness in it contains all the parts to put on GM TBI fuel injection. The parts that you can't really see include a set of lift shackles 1 new 1 used, 2 complete axle housings, 2 empty axle housings, 1 new newfield, 1 used birfield, 2 driveshafts, 1 pair of fender aprons, 2 pairs of front springs, 1 pair of rear springs, hubs galore, probably 3 sets of warn locking hubs, 4 tail light lens, 2 tail light housings, 1 corner window PS for a hard top, 1 peice of glass I believe for a hard top with out the rear vents, 1 blower motor, 2 dual battery trays, axles out the ying yang, hinges all kinds of hinges, and some brackets that I think are for the factory seats.
40 parts 115.jpg
40 parts 108.jpg
40 parts 113.jpg
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Here's the York compressor and air tank. It has a prssure switch that shuts it off at 90 PSI.
Here's what it looks like with the hard top on.
ROTW 40 series 101.jpg
ROTW 40 series 102.jpg
ROTW 40 series 103.jpg
The home made rear traction bar and the cheesy sliders. The sliders are now gone with a set I am making to go on tomorrow.
ROTW 40 series 108.jpg
ROTW 40 series 110.jpg
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The home made rear shackles (tera flex wanna be's) and the power steering.
ROTW 40 series 105.jpg
ROTW 40 series 106.jpg
ROTW 40 series 109.jpg
Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see or know I would be glad to help.
Trollhole said:
Nice job. I'd like to see how your York is mounted. I'm looking for something similar.

Per request, and on a side note Troll can you help me get my GIF avatar moving?
ROTW 40 series 111.jpg
ROTW 40 series 112.jpg
ROTW 40 series 113.jpg
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And pics of the switch, gauge, and tank.
ROTW 40 series 115.jpg
ROTW 40 series 116.jpg
ROTW 40 series 114.jpg
That's a good looking rig. I'd say you got a good deal on it. It may however exceed the maximum allowable use of diamond plate.
Looks like most of the PO's work is pretty decent too.
Haveing read alot of carb threads on this board, it is likely that you currently have one of the more desirable USA carbs. If you do go EFI, don't get rid of that carb until you are totally dialed in with your EFI, and then get something good for it. Keep in mind that as nice as EFI is, there's not much that can go wrong with a carb that can't be fixed on the spot enough to get home.

I like the on board air too, anybody else running a york sandwiched between thier alternator and head? Is that a typical installation? Any kind of support below that I can't see?
Nice looking cruiser! I think you got a good deal with that thing. I would have to say though your rear shackles look like they are pinching inward... might want to look at that a bit closer.

Sweet ride though man, I think you got a pretty sweet deal, 4K for a 40 is getting more and more rare with all the goodies you got.

Glad you are a 40 owner!

Rezarf <><
Fiji, I'm not sure how much support is under the York it will flex a little if I push real hard on the belt. I would go look and see if I could get a pic of what it looks like from the bottom side, but it's snowing like crazy and I'm a wuss I guess.

Rezarf, The way the rear shackles are made they will turn a little. There is a joint at the front that will twist a little (I forget the name of the things, I'm wanting to say Heim or Jonny).

Thank you, I am beyond ready to see what this thing can do on the trail.
You got a great deal on the truck. Total the list of mods, and I will bet they are more out o pocket than the purchase price.

Nice truck. Good job. :beer:
Not yet but as soon as I do I'll post them up, should get some good ones Easter weekend.
Sharp looking rig. A 40 series set up like yours is on my "to do in life" list. I'm glad your fixing it AND using it.

Dodge blue? My father just sprayed his mustang that color (D.B.). Looks nice.
3jvj said:
Sharp looking rig. A 40 series set up like yours is on my "to do in life" list. I'm glad your fixing it AND using it.

Dodge blue? My father just sprayed his mustang that color (D.B.). Looks nice.

No it's a factory Toyota color.
Nice. The p.o. of mine went with bright yellow and white. I think I'll go factory pumpkin and white when I re-shoot it.

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