Builds ROTW icons for easy mod identification

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Mar 27, 2003
This could be moved to chat, but I wanted to start here, since our ROTW's are here.

I wanted to ask how you guys felt about adding some sort of icons next to the ROTW user names so we'd have a basic idea of what they'd done to their 80's without have to go thru every one searching for the few that have a 6" lift, or dual battery setups etc. Have a battery icon for dual setups, "OME" + ?" for the rigs with OME lifts, AND how much lift. A bumper icon for bumpers etc etc . Keeping it simple, but speeding up our search thru the specific list of ROTW's.

Is it just me, or have any of you run up against this? Thinking ok, I'm going to go over to the ROTW's to look for ideas for dual battery setups .. only to be confronted with the task of culling thru them ALL for the 6 or so that have it.

I know a specific search might garner results if we added ROTW to the search parameters, but I still think the icons would turbo charge the ease of browsing for something specific.

What do ya'll think?


Thats beyond me Rick .. :confused:

But with excel? would it be possible to sort the ROTW's by mods? IOW's a user presses on the battery icon on the top bar, and the list gets resorted with all the 80's with dual setups first ..

That way we could create a grid with icons across the top, user names down the side, and X's marking who has what mods. Just like we can change up the order of our emails based on time received, sender, etc etc

That might work too.

The Garage gives the capability to add that information.

You can always do a search with 6 inch lift in the 80s section and ad in ROTW if you want to also get what you want.

To help you with what your asking for though, I have started a new sticky link every week for a particular mod. These go into the FAQ. Dual battery setups was my thought for next week. A couple of weeks ago I started a thread asking what types of mods the 80's fourm would like to see like the on board air threads. I got 0 responses, so I will continue to pick what comes to my mind.

The Garage, nor the ROTW's give a user a sense of what the mods are BEFORE clicking on the link. So again this doesn't really help. And though I agree we could search, that seems 'less' user friendly when compared to a sortable-hyperlinked-iconed list ;)

another couple suggestions:
-there are a couple bad links on rotw ( http://http/) but also, it is disappointing to go back and photos are no longer there.

can rotw have permanent photos in the thread instead of linked, so they will be there long into the future?
It's up to the user to upload the pictures and not use links.

Identify the bad links, and I will try and fix them.

We could probably do what you are asking, but it would take a tremendous amount of time and education on my part. Reffug and I both have jobs that require a lot of overtime and I don't believe either of us have the time to commit to such a project. Especially when using the search function will get you there. Remember, moderators are non paying volunteer positions. We already put a lot of time in moderating the forum, maintaining the ROTW and the FAQs.

However, if you want to take this on, we wil support you.

I completely understand. I wanted to throw this out there because I know what a rich group we have here. Many professionals who have the expertise to pull something like this off. I would never presume to drop this on your lap, and expect something to take shape overnight. I am hoping that over time it will become some geeks muse, and he or she will sit down over a latte, and excogitate a viable solution :D

Romer said:
It's up to the user to upload the pictures and not use links.


It this anything like we experience with non-starred users? Where they ended up purging images as they go .. losing their earlier images along the way. If that were the case, I wonder if ROTW images could be locked down .. so they don't get purged from the system like other thread-anchored images.

oh, and also, ROTW's are enough effort for those who volunteer to put their rigs on display, as well as to the MOD's....what you are asking adds a great deal of additional time....
If someone with an understand of how to create such a thing could give some hints, I'd be happy to invest time in creating such a thing, and regularly maintaining it. I would love to contribute more to this site with a project like this, but unfortunately at the moment I only have an idea, and don't have a working knowledge of what software could perform the task, nor how to insert that into this environment.

If someone here with the expertise could point me in the right direction and give me some pointers, I'll pick it up from there .. design it, find the icons etc, organize all the links, and maintain it.

Lord knows I hang here enough .. times not the issue here for me ;)


Mods suck .. :flipoff2:

TY - *running like hell* :D
I would like it to somehow be noninvasive. Something that would not be a hack, because hacks can be a royal pain in the arse from whay I understand. I wouldn't ask Woody to attempt such a thing, or to ever support my work on such a project unless it was very, very plug and play and he was totally convinced it would be harmless to the system. But even the thought of a hack makes be cringe, based on previous threads where they've been mentioned, so I won't even go there.

You're right though .. if anyone has a sol'n, it would be one of the geeks on that site .. peeked into there a few times;)

T - I think your request would be better served, not by ROTW, but by a FAQ on dual batts etc. ROTW was started not to repetitively discuss the typical mods, but rather the point was to uncover gems - like Landtanks seat adjustment, LSPV adj etc.
Like I said before, happy to post any of those ideas or key threads for the FAQ.

The next one will be dual battery setups and then I was thinking storage ideas. Any ideas are appreciated. The idea is kind of like Ty's. Now someone thinking "where would I mount my CO2 tank" can go to the FAQ and see how others solved the item he/she are thinking about.

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