Builds ROTW Guppie's 73 TLC FJ40

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Jan 31, 2003
"the whale's vagina", CA
So, I bought it way back in 1990 while in highschool for around 2k I think with my dad. My friend totalled my dads car so I think this was my punishment, not bad. Don't have any pics of when we first bought it but it was bone stock and had some rust. Over the years it has gone through so many "stages" of little projects. Rancho lift, rust fixed, painted, top end engine rebuilt, interior redone, so many other stuff.

Anyhow, about 3+ years ago I was working on it once again and met my now good friend, Brett (ie: cruiserbrett) while taking care of some rust I found under the rollbar. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up with a frame with a body, engine and everything else completely pulled.

Zerorusted the frame, interior bed and underbody. Painted the outside body and panels beige. SOA on both ends. Co2 tank on rear rack. Vortec engine / NV4500 tranny / Stock TC / Driveshafts by High Angle. Many little parts were redone and powdercoated black to make the interior nice. Dashbox was installed. Seats, procarr knockoffs. CCOT floor mats. Rollbar was repainted with truck bed coating. Softop that I never used was reinstalled, Kayline. Dual tanks, stock and in the rear, using an E2000 pump and switching valve I got at JCwhitney. Dual batt's optima's yellow under the front seat. Tuffy center console with a boat marine switch to switch to batt 1 / 2 / both, lockable. I also installed rear tuffy speaker / storage boxes. Love these, marine speakers with an amp mounted in one of the boxes. Good, LOUD sound. Grant steering wheel. Autometer guages on a panel I got from man a fre, I think? ARB's front and rear in stock axles. Front axles have longfields. Warn I8000 winch I bought used off a buddy awhile back. I run the arb w/no electrical at all. The system works with the CO2 tank. I run a line from the co2 tank in the rear to an air block in the engine compartment, it is regulated down to 70 psi and routed to pneumatic switches on the dash. I also have cruise control for those long flat freeway rides (no tow rig!). It is a unit I bought at summit made for computer controlled vehicles, works well. Also installed a seat heater on the driver's seat, found a kit on ebay for cheap. Suspension is stock springs SOA, but threw in an add a leaf on each corner to help once the springs majorly settled after about a year. Worked well. Flat skid plate, custom made. Traction bar for rear, custom made. Front diff protection, butch "cap" style. And, I bought a ton of spare parts to use if I ever broke down off road.

For the future: plan to do a cheap alternator stick welder mounted where the current york is mounted. Tie in rollbars to frame (metaltech tie ins). Front stinger and nose guard /metaltech. Rock lights under body. Redo rear cover with thick ring and ring guard diff protection. Build half doors, custom.

Got to give a big shot out to cruiserbrett whom without his help I would not of been able to do most of this stuff. He is a much better welder than I! :)

I have about 50 of the pneumatic switches. Got to figure out how much I will be selling them for. I will post up soon on a seperate post with pricing and details. Let me know if you are interested and I can PM you when I get the post together.

Let me know if you have any questions. Some pics to follow.....

this is the earliest pic I have, before this it was multicolored after I rolled it up in tahoe on a trail and had to swap body panels around.

Lafayette Driveway.jpg
a little later with a lift and a few other things, just before the epic "rebuild". By the way, did the whole rebuild on a slab of concrete parking space. My neighbors loved me, :). Nothing like a notice from the city to get your s*** done or have it towed to move a project along....


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