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Apr 24, 2003
August 1975 FJ40

I bought it in April of 2000. It was underivable and in pretty rough shape. My first vehicle was an 75/07 FJ40 and I always had a soft spot in my heart for them. Lotta good memories. The short story on this one was that previous owner had disassembled the drive train to being a rebuild and past away. After sitting for a long time his widow gathered some friends and basically put it back in one piece in order to sell it. I read the classifieds every day on pretty much everything. I saw it and the price was attractive. I looked at it and couldn't believe how clean and straight the body was. I grew up in the rust belt and road salt is hard on Cruisers. With the exception of some light surface rust on horizontal surfaces it was perfect, abeit needing some serious TLC. Well, with a little money in my pocket from selling a boat my wife and I couldn't use with a newborn, I made a budget and jumped in with both feet.

Within some sanity of a budget, my objective was to make a truck like I wanted to be able to go in and buy new 30 years ago. I didn't want a rock buggy. I have dirt bikes for that stuff.

With the exception of the paint, Rino lining and the engine machine work, I am proud to say I built everything myself.

Some of the details include:
300 HP pre-86 carb'd 350SBC
Advance Adapter V8 conversion
stock 4 speed, TC, axles
Ramshorn exhaust manifolds with custom dual exhausts
4WDB, 79 mini front, Monte calipers rear
CCoT 4-core radiator with Flex-Lite fan and custom shroud
33X12.50X15 BFG MTR's on 15X10 MT Classic II wheels
front and rear FJ60 double cardan driveshafts
MAF spring reversal
2.5" BTB front springs, 4" BTB rear
Cut and turn front axle with +5 caster
greasable shackles
front cage
Olympic Super Seats
CCoT one-piece floor mat
custom bumpers
Warn 8000# winch
Autometer gauges
Sun Super Tach
Grant steering wheel
Custom roll cage cover

I drive it on sunny days and get a lot of positive comments. With now two young boys it is a great way to get out in the wind and share my love of Cruisers with them. When I step over that running board in my mind I am 17 again . From building it , working on it, driving it or planning my next upgrade, it really is a form of therapy. Sounds corny, I know.

Dave Gangle
Birmingham, AL

pics to come
Feb 1, 2002
No. Ogden, Utah
Yeah, I'm all confused. :confused: Who's rig is it? Is he here?

Anyway, That's a pretty nice lookin cruiser. Interesting place for the gauges, what gauges are they? Interior looks pretty sweet. Under the hood is REAL purrrdy.

Nice !!
Apr 24, 2003
Romer said:
So this is Dave's vehicle in Al. How come your posting them up Bad?

Nice looking rig BTW
it's Dave's vehicle (aka dgangle) he asked me to post it for him and emailed me the pics (because i think he's low on pic space).
Jun 15, 2005
The Intarwebs
how do you like the floor mat, by the way? i have an old set of SOR carpet floor mats that are wearing mighty thin... i have e 5 speed tranny, so my hump has a modified box bolted to the top, so i am looking for something clean that will follow lines nicely, and will allow me to cut holes the right way. would the mat allow for a 2 inch hump on top of the tranny?

Sep 8, 2003
Bozeman, MT
Looks great! Is the color that pale in real life? Or is it just the scanning and image transfer stuff. It looks like the viper yellow a bit.

Is that a floor mat or did you rhino line the tub?

Looks great!

Rezarf <><

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