ROTW ROTW... 3/1972 Fj40...Gundy

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Jan 2, 2003
Dweller on the Threshold
Purchased a little over 20 years ago.
Abused by series of college kids. Ether
to start. We dared not turn it off when it
coughed and sputtered to life. Dang...
it was love at first sight.
The driveway at home after the 30 mile drive
was almost too much. Low range got us to
the level ground. We were hooked.
Mostly stock. Mostly original paint. Owns every
ding and rust spot with pride.
It's never known a garage or shelter.
I keep telling myself I'll paint it and gussie
it up....but...what's the point? It pleases
me and I think that's what counts. Kind of
like fine wine. :cheers:
Mods are the cheesey stuff. :grinpimp:
lockers, radios, shackles, winch and some
gee bobs.
muster 1.jpg
Nice rig is that a 4-Plus brush guard?
cabron said:
Nice rig is that a 4-Plus brush guard?

MAF. When I bought it they called it an aussie type bar.
Same thing for the shackles. They were just anti-inversions
when I bought them. Look like 4+ now. :)
The rear skid bar was custom from a friend's friend.
The side skid bars are MAF.
Thank you for the compliment.
Still looking good Gundy!!! Keep up the good work and hope to see you on the trail soon.
74fj40 said:
wow, your rig looks great, i love that trailer too, is that just a standard ball hitch or the pintle and hook

It's a lunette and pintle setup. Notice the trailer has a rear pintle
just in case you need to pull two trailers at once.
mel lowe said:
score one for you..... pun

that drivers seat must be contoured to you fanny after 20 yrs

I've covered the bench with sheepskins but it is in the contours of
my and my dog's butts. She LOVES the bench seat. She can lie down
on long trips with her head on my lap.
2 Scout.JPG
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Nice rig! It is real similar to my 71. Same color anyway. It gives me some ideas about what it would look like with a rack and different tires. What size are those tires, and do you have a lift?
squinty20 said:
Nice rig! It is real similar to my 71. Same color anyway. It gives me some ideas about what it would look like with a rack and different tires. What size are those tires, and do you have a lift?

Those are 33x9.5 BFG AT KOs. I bought them when they first offered them
several years ago. The 9.5s stuff without rub in the rear uncut fenders.
The 31x10.5s I used before rubbed a little with a good stuffing.
I have 2 inch over stock anti-inversion shackles, but use the original I'd say it's about stock height. :) Some might say that equals 1
inch of lift, however.

dual optimas, hand throttle,floodlight backup light,roll bar,
bull bar, skids side and rear, 12volt air with tank and external
outlet, ARB front locker,Lock Right rear,rear pintle hook,
aircraft lockout switches for locker/lights/compressor, CD,
CB, winch,greaseable pins/shackles,Weber 38DGS,6-1 header,
over skid exhaust,magnetic ignition, stock air cleaner adapter,
mechanical gauge vacuum,oil pressure and water temp, GPS,
intake heater and a hot water shower system.
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HawkDriver said:
Swiss army trailer huh....

Nice rig, longtime ownership, kick a$$!

Thank you. I call it Yodel. The chuckwagon.
3/4 ton. Factory springover. :)
Parking brake. Folding "T" bar for pushing
it around. Removable tailgate. Top is rubberized canvas.
All side held by rubber bungees so it just pop pop pop
and you roll 'em up. All four sides or any combo.
Bikini top. :) Or, remove the canvas and bows.
Beautiful wooden top slats inside. I have a large
piece of solid wood which attaches to the side. The Bar.
Open one side like a canopy over the bar.
It also has leveling devices at the corners.
Originally it hauled a MONDO compressor for planes.
I have the original swiss title. It was constructed in '53 ,
and redone it '73. Register plates still on truck. In Swiss.
It came with 700x16 and I put 750x16s on it. 33s.
The tires are from South America. 8 ply or other.
Level as can be with Gundy.
It can hold an unbelievable amount of gear.
Hardly notice it's back there. It's not in either side mirror
and it fills the rear view mirror.
Fxxx yeah.

Xcuse my french.

Where did you get the trailer....?


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