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Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by tlcrookie, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. tlcrookie


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    Jan 25, 2004
    A Rookie '91 owner here:

    Can someone point me to a good search or past post on:

    shift lock doesn't work. When in "P", need to step on brake AND press button on console to shift to out of "P"

    wet carpet. Area under brake, gas pedals is always wet. Don't know where its coming from. Now its just frozen - lately weather has been -10 F.

    Brake jobs for Dummies - a la LC method

    Took her off road for the first time, had a hoot! Immediately after, a noise started. When in "P" and shift to "D" or "R", metal clunking sound emiting from bottom rear. Also occures when cruising at whatever speed, take foot off pedal and "clunk".
  2. Asiarider


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    Oct 13, 2003
    Pattaya, Thailand
    Please look for the shiftlock problem in the 80scool section. There was just recently a case and the fix was the fuse. Check it out under in the 80scool archives.

    The wet carpet is most likely a leaking sunroof. Check all the drain holes, pour water in and see if it comes out under your car. Make a search for sunroof/moonroof leak.

    For the rest please wait for the expert to respond.

    Good luck :cheers:

  3. Seminole


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    Mar 28, 2003
    ??? Welcome to 3fe power ;) Do the search for the shift lock problem. I haven't had this problem so can't help with that.

    The wet carpet, probably the sun roof like Asiarider says, there is a lot of trouble shooting info on that, again, do a search, somefolks were were dealing with this a couple of days ago. You could also check for holes/missing grommets in the fire wall/ engine bay. If you haven't been driving much and its wet, probably the sunroof drains. Don't think there is anyway for brake fluid to make its way down the actuator for the booster and into the firewall but check ( per your other post on the brake light).

    Brake job- easy. As easy as the camry or easier. Get with C-dan and order the FSM as soon as you have the $$ for it. It is the single BEST thing you can buy for you rig. It saves $$$$$.

    Clunking- some is normal for the age and mileage, grinding/whinning is not. Lube the drive shafts and ujoints FIRST.
    While down there, check for excessive play in the drivetrain and noise. Also, change ALL the drivetrain fluids if you haven't do so and pay attention to the condition/color of the fluid and look for pieces of metal.
    Hope that helps some, post when you get done and someone can help narrow down the problem.
  4. landtoy80


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    Mar 13, 2003
    North Front Range, CO
    Pull the plugs on the rocker pannel (under the doors). And wait for spring as the rocker and pillars are full of water and frozen.
    You can clean the weep holes in the rocker but they just plug up. I pulled the forword most plug on both rockers. Once you thaw out put all but the front plug back in.
    You should have to push brake to shift out of P. Safety thing. I assume you need to push both the shifter button and brake to get out of P.
    My shift lock dosen't work. I can shift out of P by using the thumb button on shifter. I can shift/move the shifter even when the key is not in the ignition.
    I like it that way but it is dangerous with kids.

    Your chunk when shifting could be a bad u-joint,broken shock or a bad bushing in one of the control arms/control rods but I doubt it.
    When you shift from D to R the tranny puts a lot of pressure on the drive line.
    When I had the front driveshaft off the 80 would rise up and down a good 6" when going from D to R. I assume my stock shocks are wore out.
  5. Beowulf


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    Mar 27, 2003
    Somewhere in the foothills...

    >> shift lock doesn't work. <<

    Check brake light bulbs and fuses.

    >> Brake jobs for dummies <<

    I'm not sure what you want to know so could you be more specific? If you're just interested in replacing your front pads then say so, because it would take a very long post to describe a complete brake job and to explain how to replace the rotors, rebuild the calipers, repack the wheel bearings, install new pads, and flush and bleed the brake system. (And that's just for the front.)

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