Roof weather strip seal on ebay

Jan 24, 2006
ducktapeguy said:
Anyone try out one of these roof seals?

Is this the same stuff that CCOT ans SOR sells? Sometime this summer I'm going to be taking the top off to refinish it and fix the gutter. I don't think my top has ever been taken off, what are the chances of the weatherstrip being reuseable?

Good day,

These are mine I sell.

Nothing replaces the quality of the oem ones but they cost so much! If you top has never been off it should be in fair condition. Be careful when removing them. They have a seam in each of the rear corners that tears. If you can get some life back into it with vaseline rub then use it. If not mine will work fine if you use the instructions I supply. And yes its the same that others use. But with good luck!

Jan 6, 2003
Thanks for the response. I never noticed the seller, I guess I should have looked more closely. I'll keep you in mind when I take the top off this summer. If the weatherstripping looks questionable, I'll probably go ahead and replace everything

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