Roof Top Tents at REI garage sale


Jun 9, 2003
Mesa, Arizona
I was just at the REI garage sale in Paradise valley. There were a couple of roof top tents for sale there. Tepui was the brand. I think the models were Sky 2. Or something like that. They were asking 350 for one and 425 for the other. My quick internet searching seemed to show that those sold for 1800 or so new.

SKY Series | Tepui Tents | Roof Top Tents for Cars and Trucks

I think the tag said they were six months. There are no returns on garage sale items, so you will want to check them carefully.

They also had a nice look 5x8 yakima roof rack. Didn't see the price on that.

Edit-- after looking at the website they might have been the Ayer Sky model which retails for 950.


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