Roof Rack to borrow or rent for Alaska?

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May 23, 2004
Chattanooga, TN
So, yeah, its a bit of an odd question, but funds are running short (massive understatement :rolleyes:) for getting the 80 ready for the 2010 Alaska Cruiser anyone got a full size or 3/4 roof rack that they'd let me rent for a month or so?

The ones for the 60/80 are pretty interchangeable, so if its ~48" wide and anywhere under ~84" long it should work...

Or, of course alternatively, if you want to sell it outright, I'd consider that as well...

We're loading out in Manchester June 10/11th, and the truck leaves on the 12th.

Roger's taking some time after the Trek before heading back, so I don't expect to see my rig till mid to late July.

So I'd like to pick it up a week or two before to confirm it'll mount up, and start planning how to load it.

Will this timeframe work for you? Let me know (PM?) what you're thinking on an appropriate rental fee.
Ive got one that was on my 60 you can use if Dbrown's offer doesnt work out.
He can pick it up when he picks up my radio.
I'll pick you're radio stuff up sat morning on the way up to the shop...

Andy's Rack sounds like its a bit on the small side :)hillbilly:) so I'll be talking a look at the one DB has. I think it'll work fine.

DB...sending you a PM w/ my number...

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