Roof rack lights

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Mar 24, 2006
hi guys
i just install ipf lights on my african outback roof rack any comments ?
That's... nice. Man I wish I wasn't married sometimes.
That looks must be getting a very high electricity bill??? :eek:)))
How'd you get a non-painted AO rack? :flipoff2:

And send me the name of the shop that fabbed the light mounts.
Saleh - sign yourself up for Featured RIG cause yours is so sweet and we want to see it all in one place. You also take great photos... come on, get going on this.
great set up i like it; have a couple of questions with your roof rack do you still get to use the sunroof?? also how is the light out put do you have any glare on the windscreen? and then also how did you run the power?
That's... nice. Man I wish I wasn't married sometimes.

So do I. I mean, I wish I wasn't married, not that you weren't married :D

They :)princess:'s) have all their priorities wrong. Like preferring that our children eat everyday, even several times a day, rather than admiring dad's new steel bumper :rolleyes:
:cool: Thanks Christo. I got an old pair of PIAA 520s sitting in my basement looking for a home.

Mac, we will have light mounts for the AO rack pretty soon. Have the 2nd proto already done. Small changes and then we are ready to produce.
More lighting, always a PLUS!

I want some of those new KC HID lamps for mine, but my gawwwd what they want for them, they are fawking nuts!

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