Roof Rack Ideas Wanted for 1982 BJ46 Softop

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Dec 26, 2008
Hi, has anyone made there own custom roofrack for a 46 series softop? I have a design in mind but was looking a the best way to mount it. Any photos or guidance would be appreciated. (by the way BJ is the diesel version of the FJ.... people keep asking me!! Thanks
Heres some pics of my 44....lets see some pics and history of you 46 :cheers:
Thanks for the pics Dieseler. you only have 2 point of fixation, on the windsheild brackets at the front and also on the bumper at the rear one side and rear panel on other side. What sort of loads can this take? I am looking to put a roof top tent up there amongst other things. So I was looking maybe at adding a 3rdpoint of fixation just infront of the doors and joined to the jacking point under the side runners. Do you have enough clearance to take the soft top down?
here are a few pics of my cruiser
I drove a hundred miles with a front cowl of a 60 up top in heavy crosswinds no problems :steer:I figure this rack will take a 1/2 ton of weight the pipe is thick walled gas pipe.

I like the factory roll bar I had to install a 40s RB it would be nice to get the extended rear supports then I could put my jump seats back in.
Picture 187.jpg
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Without the roof
Picture 029.jpg
This is my initial plan for the roof rack. what do you think?
Looks good if you are going to attach the the B pillar to the body you should just shorten up the C pillar in the back and attach it also to the body...personally I cant get myself to drill holes in the body for attachment points.
Another thing you can do on the B & C pillar attachments is fab a horizontal mounting plate that will bolt to the tub rail have it tuck under the soft top and to the rail.

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