roof rack help...lifting off top

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Feb 14, 2009
Portland, Oregon
i seriously need help on this...can an old school metal roof as attached to the rim/upper body hold up to lifting off the top to run without it?

i am thinking of attaching the roof rack with say...16 #10 bolts through the roof and then using the roof rack to lift off the top on trips where it is not needed.

will this work? is the question. i have a fj40-1/69.

so procedure is, drive up to 4x4 place, make camp, unbolt top and use roof rack to pull it off, assuming there is a tree or object tall enough to do the trick, and run 4x4 for a while, then lift top up and reinstall it for the ride home...
I use my yakima rack to lift my roof off at home in the garage, I suppose it could be done at a campsite at well but is a PITA. I have a pulley system hooked up in my garage so I can take it off by myself but without that it will take 2 people about 30 minutes to take off and put back on.

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