Roof rack for FJ45 Troopy?

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Jun 19, 2013
Westchester, NY

I would appreciate your thoughts on a roof rack for my '84 Troopy. I've got rain gutter towers from Gamiviti ( and am now determining the best roof rack for my needs.

In no particular order, here are my thoughts/questions/background:

1) I carry cargo rather than (for now) rooftop camping. Cargo is typically boxes/bags and gear like kayak/paddleboard etc. For that reason I'm thinking that something with 3"-4" sides and NO back/front might work best for ease of loading/unloading. Also wondering if flat without ANY sides might work.
2) The truck is already lifted so with the towers and then the rack, it's going to be particularly tall - 85"-86" (nothing to do about that, more a comment that I need to be careful 'bout garages etc.
3) I would prefer a 2/3 rack that lines up with the back of the truck and ends just where the roof begins to narrow slightly (very crude mock up of before and after shown below. Crude mockup includes rack front).
4) I intend to install the Gamiviti rain gutter towers with tubing between the clamp and the rain gutter to protect the gutter and the paint finish. Has anyone had good/bad/neutral experience with this setup?

With that said:

A) Is there anything stock that would work?
B) I have a number of pre-existing Thule parts (i.e. Kayak mounts etc.). Has anyone used/installed a rack that works with those?
C) Any words of caution/advice regarding the Gamiviti towers and a rack?

I think that's it for now. Thanks in advance for your help!



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Troopy Rack

Just received my 5' x 7' x 6" Wilderness rack that I purchased from mud member Cahilc. I'll snap a couple of photos. Plan on installing this weekend. I have a 1980 HJ45 Troopy.

I made this one for my LV by sectioning into a conferr roof rack


I also added tabs for lights and tabs for small d-rings cause it looks cool and you can tie down to them.... actually, and unfortuneately I am selling the whole rig in portland oregons craigslist:cheers:
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Thanks Matt Camp!

...unfortunately I am selling the whole rig in portland oregons craigslist:cheers:

Thanks for the follow up. That's a good example of the type of roof rack I'm contemplating, although I would end up doing a 2/3 length on mine.

GLWS on your FJ45LV! That's the next one (FJ45LV) on my garage roster. Who knows, I may end up contacting you on yours. Looks like a do-able project and you've got some of the right parts ready and included to get it moving along.
Well, there has been quite a bit of interest in it but nobody has come out to see it in person, I have had some offers but nothing that I would consider reasonable, so I still have it if you want it. then you get the roof rack too. -Matt
Troopy Roof Rack

Installed my 5' x 7' x 6" Wilderness rack this weekend. Here are a few photos. Gamiviti clamps w/extensions.



Thanks for the pictures Mike!

Hey Mike!

PM sent but thanks again for the pictures. It reminds me how great and utilitarian I think a roof rack is, particularly on a Troopy.

Yours looks great! I'll let you know how mine goes as I start to make decisions on rack brand and components.


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