Roof rack brackets. Which one??

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Feb 12, 2005
Hollister, CA
Hey guys I'm putting a roof rack on my truck and need to know which brackets to go with. Can anyone refer me to a website or recommend a brand.

By the way the truck is a 87 4Runner.
I have a 87 4runner, and have a Yakama roof rack. The towers you need are just the raingutter mounts. I really like my Yak stuff, I only have the bike mount and snowboard rack. The good thing is that the FJ80's have the same raingutter mounts, so they are interchangeable.
Well I own a canoe/kayak shop in Florida and sell both Thule and Yakima racks. FirstI will tell you that you truck calls for either a Yakima 1A Tower or a Thule Gutter mount tower. Between the 2 Thule is your best bet. It is metal tower not nylon reinforced plastic. It is way stronger then yakima's tower. I have first hand knowledge of multiple 1A tower breaking & I will not sell them in my shop. Cost betwen the 2 is about the same. Most yakima proucts are great just not this one.

The second challenge you have with the rain gutter just above the front doors, is you can only place the racks 18" a part. This is very close for carrying anything in the real world. You need to get a set of artificial raingutter brackets and mount those to the the truck toward the rear. This will give you a much better platform to put stuff on the roof.
That last guy was talking about needing artificial raingutter brackets, I think it depends on what you are going to be putting on the rack. The fiberglass "raingutter" above the sliding window could break if you put too much weight on it. I have my rear towers mounted there and have carried bikes, snowboards and a kayak up there and never broke anything. If you are planning on carrying lots of weight on your rack you should probibly bolt one of the artificial raingutters to the fiberglass shell.
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