Roof Rack ARB v Hannibel

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Jun 10, 2004
Portland, OR
I'm in the market for a roof rack for my 62.

I'm considering either a Hannibel or ARB. I see from a previous post that the ARB is running a little over $1K for a full length and I called Hannibel and theirs runs a hundred or so more.

Does anyone have either of these and what's your experience? Opinions also appreciated on these or others.
Okay I'll bite, ARB is a great Austrialian made rack. Hannibal is a great british made rack. I've inspected both, don't own either. They are both way stout if $ is no biggie, get the one you like most, Hanibal makes some pretty cool tents, ladders covers, and can holders.

Hannibal does not have a photo up on the fj60/62 rack, I've seen several on some Discoveries rigged out for "expidition" level tripping, tough looking from the gutter up.

Never heard a complaint on anything arb makes.
Hannibal's are considerably lighter, arnet they?

Just something to think about if your going to be getting of camber, dont want it getting too top-heavy
I can't speak for the ARB, but as mentioned previously, seems that everything they make is solid. One difference is tha the ARB has raised railings all around where the Hannibal only has raised railings on the sides and back.
I purchased a Hannibal off this board used (thanks David) and I can say that it is super beefy and being all aluminum, it's light (85lbs). I've use the Hannibal on one trip so far and it was awesome. Protruded floor panels are wide and distribute loads evenly. The rain gutter mounts run nearly the entire length of the rain gutter channel which also distributes the load throughout the length of the gutter channel rather than just the clamp points. Another cool feature is that the rear section of the railing simply unbolts so you can install a rooftop tent or load long stuff, such as lumber, flat and square on the rack. The Hannibal is easy to mount and unmount with just average strength persons. One thing to watch out for, aluminum is a soft metal and friction will cause some aluminum chaffing. Not really a problem if you are mindful. Either way, you can't go wrong. I would think it comes down to personal preference and/or weight.
I have this one:

Originally bought for an 80 series, now living happily on my 60 series. It's beefy, full gutter mount, not too heavy, and not too expensive. There is enough adjustment in the supports of 60 series or 80 series use. I don't have a mesh floor and have never felt it needed one.

I also have seen the Hannibal and ARB up close. If carrying a really heavy load for thousands of miles were my goal, the ARB is probably stouter, and because it's steel, will be less prone to metal fatigue. Otherwise, the Hannibal is the choice due to it's light weight and lack of rust concerns.
someone had a used hannibal for a 60/62 not long ago. But still too much $ for me. Both are great racks!
I've got the ARB "tradesman" rack, a full 90 something inches long, and wide enough to carry 48" plywood. It also has a full floor.
Man-a-fre, about 750, including shipping to the east coast. Waited a while tho', about a month, AFTER they said it was in stock.
Wouldnt trade it for anything else ive seen, its coming with me when the 60 implodes ( if ever!)
Thanks for your comments. I'm trying to think of something constructive to do with a tax return. I like the idea of "light" so I may go with a Hannibel but will check out man-a-free on the ARB.

By the way, I posted a while back on a dash pad that was torn up in a stereo theft. I purchased a new pad and instrument panel from C-dan for around $430 and the stereo folks installed it ($300) this weekend. I put in a new stereo and a ipod adapter in the glove box. Total bill ~$1100. All out of pocket but everything looks "brand new".

I like this board. Thanks.
a HUGE 2nd on that idea! I have the Outback rack that Slee sells and I have never seen a rack as well built and thought out......and its light! you can also take off the upper rails.

I have seen both the others........they are nice but do not compare to the Outback Rack IMOP.

you can see pics at Slee of the rack mounted on my 100 series......and no I didn't get anything for the pics or the plug...........:D

eshelbyk said:
Also have a look at the rack Slee sells. It has a cool channel down the center of each rail to slide in attachment points.

Love my Hannibal.
I also have the African Outback rack from Slee. It's nice not to have to drill holes in it and the detatchable upper rails are very handy for hauling awkward stuff up there. I can also take it on and off in a few minutes with 2 people, and can move it around myself. It's light. But one downside I thought it might have was that it only attatches to the gutters with six clamps instead of eight. Don't really know if that makes a huge difference or not. How much weight can those gutters handle, by the way?
eshelbyk said:
Also have a look at the rack Slee sells. It has a cool channel down the center of each rail to slide in attachment points.

Love my Hannibal.

I forgot to mention this in my post since it wasn't in the original subject. The Outback rack is the best I have ever seen. I helped another list member install his, and it is a great rack, The rack is very strong, and the attachments are particularly well thought out. The down side is that is is very expensive, almost double the cost of an oval tube tradesman, but you usually pay for quality. If you have $1400 to put in a roof rack, you will be happy with the Outback.
I was looking through new posts earlier today and there was a discussion on roof racks. There is a guy down in Arizona who makes racks by hand. There were a few people who have them who really like them. They were also fairly cheap $400 ? Just thought it might give you more options.
You can see them on EBAY. They seem to be really well made. They use THULE or YAKIMA load bars and feet IIRC
I built mine for about 40 bucks in material. if you cant weld, you can either call a buddy, or cut the parts and take it to a welder to have it done up. made mine in a couple of hours at home. no sweat. then you can either put it onto yakima's or similar, or fab up your own brackets as I did. way stout, way cheap and i even had it line-ex'd (not included in the $40)
Agree about Slee's Outback roof racks. A beautiful product, and very adaptable. FYI: the Outback for the 80 series that he sells also fits the 60 series....

88 fj62 TLCA
Timoss said:
Agree about Slee's Outback roof racks. A beautiful product, and very adaptable. FYI: the Outback for the 80 series that he sells also fits the 60 series....

88 fj62 TLCA

Tim-Is that for sure? It looked like there was enough width adjustment in the legs. That would be really good news, now all I need is that $1400!
Thanks for the info on looks good. I will let you know what I buy.
On other thing.....since I live in the 'hood (see stolen stereo, busted up dash) do you know if any of these LOCK on to the truck? I doubt any self respecting meth addict would go to the trouble of stealing an entire rack but you never know.

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