Roof Clamp Fitment

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Nov 15, 2008
I ordered some roof rack clamps from Groucho and got them in Saturday. Unfortunatley I think I may have not specified enough or ordered the wrong ones because they seem to not fit. I attached the picture as an example. I hope I'm just doing something really dumb and just attaching them wrong! The legs are Con-Ferr and so is the rack.

Just as an FYI the rack got back from the powder coaters on Wednesday and all the bolts were replaced with stainless steel bolts and nuts. Also the previous owner of the rack had not used a any lock washers or flats so I replaced all of those too.

Edit to add: If you get a chance to get roof rack mounts from Groucho do so! They look great and got here FAST! I only got the clamps because I already had the legs.
You set them too low, did you modify them to go lower?

at any rate, just saw off the uneeded top of the tensioning bolts, that'll give you the clearance you are looking for...

edit: also notice that the "L" plate that bolts to the rack is sandwiched behind the guttermount part. you will need to
raise those about an inch or you will dent your roof upon tightening
It looks like the leg is lying on the gutter, and the clamp is just held up next to the leg??
Just loosely put the two bolts through the clamp attaching it to the leg. Do this with the outermost 2 on each side. Find your final rack height off the roof, and tighten those 4 outer clamps. Then, set any addtl clamps to the same height. Lastly, tighten all the clamps to the gutters, avoiding over tightening.

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