Roller bearing knuckle spindle

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Mar 27, 2003
Mr C-Dan -

Ok, I don't get it. The new-wave, roller bearing spindle with the integral bearing is supposed to be 43401-60080, or at least that it was has been rumored.

Why, then, does the old-fashioned parts list show the following...

43401-60080 Spindle assy, 91-97
90381-33002 Spindle bushing 91-92
90381-33001 Spindle bushing 93-97

Does this mean one inserts a 33001/002 on the 60080? It don't figure...
Does this mean that later 80s had the roller bearing spindle? Don't think so.
Does this mean that Toyota upgraded from the bushing supported spindle to the bearing supported style after the 80s went out of production? Why ever would they do such a thing...

So, like I said, I don't get it :-/

R -

The Wulf and I have been looking at this for a bit. to paraphrase what I have found: The original spindle is a 43401-60041 It is replaced by a 43401-60080 which contains a bearing as opposed to a bushing. Toyota still supports replacement bushings for the "early" spindle. If one were to order the "early" number it would PNC to the 43401-60080 and you would get one with a bearing. The change took place sometime after the end of 80 series production. I have been unable to find any TSB's or other "announcements" pertaining to the change. I have to assume that it was a "running change" and they were not compelled to "announce" it. It further appears that the bearing is not available as a stand alone item. The "new" spindle is about 249 bucks a rattle.
my guess is that the spindle may also be used on other vehicles (105's , maybe?) and they are improving/consolidating part numbers...........


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