Rollbar suggestions, please - 74 FJ40

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Dec 11, 2011
Dogwood Mudhole, TN
Hey Folks,

I have bought a rear 'family' rollbar extension. Pictured below is the bottom of the bar, sitting just behind the factory rollbar support (ignore the bar leaning on the bed, in front of them.).
Talking this out with my friend, who will do the welding, the space behind the existing plate and bar is pretty small and it's going to be hard to fit the plate for the bottom of the new rollbar in there (plus we'll have to shim because of that funny little hump in the metal). If we put it there, also, that new bar and plate will just be sitting on sheet metal.
However, if we just cut the welds and remove that existing rollbar support in the pic, we could weld this new bar right onto that factory plate, PLUS there's a bracket underneath that wheelwell supporting the existing bar and plate. Is there a reason this is a bad idea?
I hope this makes sense...

Roll bar pic.jpg

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