Rollbar location?

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Jan 16, 2006
Altoona, Pa
I am putting a rollbar from a 76 into a 70 and would like to know some dimensions from either the front or back of the vehicle so I get it properly placed for the addition of the cage parts in the future. Even a distance from the top front edge of the wheel well back to the edge of the front rollbar support plate would be appreciated. Thanks for anyones help!
So you have a stock, bolt-together, tin foil bar that you are going to use as the main section to tie other cage work/tubes to.....and your going to "expect" this to help provide protection for you or someone else in the event that things go wrong....... :rolleyes:

More than enough reason to N O T use it here.

Good luck!

It doesn't sound like this is the best idea for a rollbar but since I have it I figured it was better than nothing and I would put it in. I did plan on changing the jump seats out to a newer style plus mine are junk. I was just hoping to get this thing bolted down where it should be instead of just putting it in. The 76 I took it out of was extremely rotted so I couldn't tell where it originally bolted down. Longterm it sounds like I need a heavier rollbar/cage but that's outside my budget right now. Just trying to make this thing the most useable with the parts I got from the 76.
Don't do anything till you check out metal tech. Thier stuff is awsome and priced pretty well for what you get. Considering the price of steel, it's really a great deal IMO.

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