Roll cage and jumbo-gas tank for FJ40 for sale/trade

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Nov 30, 2012

I'm hoping to have these parts to a new owner before the fall. If anyone is interested please let me know:

Aftermarket roll cage. Unpainted (aka surface rust style). If used with hardtop one corner of the fiberglass cap will not bolt down properly without modifying the cage. - B.O.

Jumbo sized (28 gallon man-a-fre) gas tank. I have a thread already about this. This tank is in good condition, I just want to bring my cruiser back to the stock look. I'd like $400 for this, or some combination with a trade.

These are parts I'm looking for:

- factory roll bar with 3-point seat belt mount
- seat belts
- rear bumperrettes
- 1 jump seat
- good condition fiberglass top cap
- stock length leaf spring shackles
- badges

Pictures available.

Thank you


The gas tank is sold.

The roll cage is still available! Make me an offer if you want it. If it's not sold by the end of spring I'm going to make it into a parking spot for my lawn tractor!

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