Rocker Panel slider combo

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Sep 6, 2004
North West Ontario
I've patched and repaired my rocker panels a few times. A long time ago I even cut access slots under the door entry trim so I could clean and treat inside the rocker panel. But ultimately the rust won.
I completely removed my rocker panels from about an inch from the door sill area and lower. I played around with the idea of using plate and closing it up, but did not like seeing the frame now. I also played around with the idea of sliders off my frame, which is the strongest. But my exhaust is in the way on the right side. So from previous ideas of a member (Boston Mangler) I decided to weld in new metal.
I decided on using tube or pipe (3 inches or so in diameter, 3/16 thick). As it fits inside the cut out area pretty good and touched on the curve of the tube on the outer side and inner side.
This tube runs literally from one wheel well to the other. I've attached the inner fender to it. And the front fender.
I stitched in like sewing with my welder. A million spot welds. And some brackets on each end. I also tied the body mounts into it. After it was done I used a littler filler and made it smooth back to the body. And covered in truck liner at the end. I think the tube is a good alternative to rusty rockers. As far as dropping it on rocks, I think it's pretty solid as I could jack the truck up with it, but I'm not really a rock dropping kind of wheeler, so it's ok for me. I would not hesitate to drag it on logs or bump it into some rocks.





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Here you can see the access slots I cut into the sill years ago. it helped know how high up in the tube was. And I will put a little corrosion proofing in there after.


Well done, good solution to a frustrating problem.
Well done repair. Let us know how it holds up. First thread I saw with this was Kevin Roland. He used 2x3" square tube IIRC.
That might have been the thread I say years ago too. I went with the tube over the square cause it seemed to look more normal. And it fit right up inside the old rocker area nicely. A person could spend as much time as they wanted smoothing out with filler etc, me i was a bit tired and just wanting the project wrapped up. I need a bit more texture on the liner to hide my imperfections lol.
MY 60 had this done by the PO and it is the squared channel. I like it and I do not. It does give a little place to rest your foot when the door is open, but to short for a full step.

Yours @brownbear I like much better, looks more stock to the vehicle, rather than a hunk of steel welded to the body.

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