Rockcrawler Wheels

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Mar 28, 2005
Cullman, Alabama
I got my 15x8 Rock Crawler series 51 wheels in today and tried them on this evening. I was looking at 4wpw's website and noticed they had the wheels with 3.5 inch backspacing in the size I wanted so I decided to call them and order just one so I could try it out and return it if it didn't work right. While I was on the phone with them the sales guy mentioned a wheel they didn't have listed on their website that was made for Toyotas, part # 51-5883R2.5. It is 15X8 with 2.5 inch back spacing. I took a chance and ordered a full set.
They worked on the right side of my 62 with plenty of tie rod clearance and no rub on the caliper. The left side just barely, and I mean barely, (think coat of paint) rubbed the caliper. There must be a slight variation in the caliper casting.
I'm going to make a set of 1/8 inch wheel spacers (it's handy to be a machinist) , or maybe I will just get lazy and grind the caliper since it is so little to grind, and run the piss out of these wheels. Price was 56.99 each with free shipping.
I can't wait to get my new dakkar springs installed and these wheels with 33s going!
I know this is an old thread, but do you have pics of these fitted? If 2.5" would just barely fit, how would 3.5" standard B/S work?

I ordered mine today with 3.5". Now I am worried. Mine is for an 84 FJ60

I got 3.75, which is perfect for the rear and needed 1/8 spacer in front. Rockcrawler wheels.
So if I have 4.5 BS wheels I can make them work with 3/4 in. spacers?
I've been searching and reading.... It's the stamped holes that rub on the caliper, not the backspacing to the tie rod, with these wheels. So, even though 2.5" backspacing, the stamped holes are still the problem. It will have lots of clearance for the tie rod.

From what I read, from 3.5" B/S, you will need a spacer relative to it being 0. In other words, if you get a 4.5" backspacing, you will need a 1" spacer. 3.75" will need a 1/4" spacer and so on...

Not sure if this applies to all wheels, but with the rock crawlers, it seems to be the case.

I am just going on what I read, so don't quote me.

I do have the wheels I mentioned at the beginning of the thread installed with 33x12.5 Firestone destination M/T tires. Since my first post I upgraded the front brakes to 4Runner calipers so to clear the wheels I had to make 1/4 inch spacers. I would not recommend the 2.5 inch backspace for a tire this wide, I get some rubbing when offroading when turning at certain angles, not bad but it is annoying. A wheel that doesn't put the tire so far out would be better so I would recommend staying with the 3.5 backspacing. All that being said, this combo looks great and I may just do a slight fender trim to eliminate the rubbing or change to some longer shackles to get just a little more lift.
I bought my 15x8's from JT Outfitters a few years ago. They were guaranteed fit for my 87 Fj60 :rolleyes: I don't do business there anymore.

The rears were fine but the fronts rubbed. I bought JT's 1/4" spacers for the front but didn't have enough wheel stud to put the lugs on.

I ground the d-rings on the back of the wheel a little and the caliper a little to make them work. I contacted the vendor later on to let him know and he seemed to care very little ;)
Grind the caliper, it really is no big deal..
I have the 3.5" BS Rockcrawlers from 4WP, and the D-hole windows are what rubbed the 4Runner calipers in front...instead of grinding the new calipers or running spacers, I just put a washer between the caliper and the caliper mounting bolt ear on the knuckle, that spaced it just enough to keep it from rubbing. Been several years and no worries.

Thanks for the replies guys. I am working on the brakes now, so may just use the washer trick. My wheels and tires from 4WP should be here next week.

washer trick makes me nervous..

just grind 1/8" off the caliper if need be..

There really is a ton of meat on that part of the caliper.
Thanks Mace. Is it pretty obvious where it will touch, without actually having to mount it? I figure it will be and will just wait till I get the wheels in.
I'm in this boat too. The issue is that the new D-style rockcrawler rims all have the Ds punched to a depth that rub. If you compare an older version of these rims the punch out the back side (i say punch, because I don't know how these rims are actually made) are much flatter, like wagon style rims.

If any of you know of a manufacturer that will sell a 3.5" backspaced rim with a flat back side, let me know. I will probably just clean up an older set of wagon rims, paint them and call it good.

It's fun to show tire companies why the new rims don't work (much to their AMAZEMENT), but it gets old.

Mace, I've done the grinding part, but I'm through with it. I want rims that work and want them to work across my 5 land cruisers without having to grind 10 calipers (waa!). I swap sets between them frequently enough to not want to deal with it anymore. :D
Good hunting..

And hopefully you will not need to use someone elses spare..

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