Rochester 2-Jet to F or 2F Man-A-Fre

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Feb 5, 2018
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Can anyone assess the value of being able to make the connection between a Land Cruiser 2-Barrel manifold and something with a Rochester pattern? The Man-A Fre adapter below came with a 2-Jet bolted to a 1970 F manifold. The Motor City carb is a synchronous type that has about 36 mm throttle plates, but it lacks a threaded rod on the air horn to connect an air cleaner, and, it looks either really beat-up or it came with a super cheap throttle shaft. What else can bolt up to the adapter?

Just don't get one of the Rochesters that has a float bowl that vents directly to the atmosphere (i.e. air does not have to go through an air filter before getting into the float bowl). On these carbs the linkage opens up a cap/boot/port on top the float bowl for the float bowl to breath and be able to release fuel into the engine, that port is outside the air filter where all the dirt/sand/mud resides.
No provision for an air cleaner that I can recognize as one.

It looks like the linkage opens the cap/boot/port for venting the float bowl to unfiltered air.


You can see that the throttle shaft was peened tight to the throttle linkage plate. I guess they were concerned about using nuts on the end of the throttle shaft / spindle, but this didn't hold up over time so it looks a bit hammered down with the end of a slotted screwdriver; because of that, the idle speed screw on the throttle linkage plate are all over the place, both on axis of the shaft and in perpendicularity to the throttle shaft.


Fortunately, the carb and adapter came with a decent manifold for the intake side of things. I didn't expect much from something inexpensive on a popular auction website. The Rochester bolt pattern on the cast adapter is 1.875" x 3.25"



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